The reasons why you should start your own business

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Being a micro entrepreneur means assuming all kinds of responsibilities and obligations that may seem complex. As an entrepreneur you should work more than any other person in your business, at first the income may make you think about giving up, again and again, you may have to do a thousand things at a time if you want to see your business prosper … then Why start your own business? Visit this link is you are thinking about hong kong company incorporation.

The most traditional answer is that it is the fruit of necessity. Suddenly we are out of work or without financial support and entrepreneurship seems the best alternative.

If we ask each entrepreneur what was the reason that led them to start their business, we will probably find very diverse answers, but we could synthesize all those answers in four main reasons.

To earn more money

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There are many entrepreneurs who start out of necessity; that is because they do not have a sustainable source of income and they find in business an opportunity to start earning money. There are also those who feel dissatisfied with their current salary and want to earn more.

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Freedom can be enjoyed fully

There are people who do not fit in the pre-established structures and who cannot stand having someone on top of them telling them what to do. They are irreverent people and with a very strong spirit of freedom. They are people who want to be owners of their own time and who do not conceive a life following a routine.

Entrepreneurship is also an opportunity to obtain that freedom that many yearn for. At first, a business may require us to work 16 hours a day, but there is always the satisfaction of working on our own ideas and projects.

To live with the passion

While most people in our society prefer to ignore what their heart tells them, there are entrepreneurs who are willing to devote all their time, effort and energy to what they really love.

These entrepreneurs are not willing to devote their time to work in jobs that are boring. They want to live a life full of passion and challenges. They know perfectly what they want to do … and they do it!

To prove themselves to all

And, finally, there is a select group of entrepreneurs whose mission is to make their mark in this world. They do not want to be another person, they want there to be a before and after their passage through this world. They want to transcend.

The goal of these entrepreneurs is not to create large companies, but to solve big problems. Their business initiatives are not limited to generating income, but literally, generate a change in society.

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